Restoring Medical Freedom And Parental Rights


We are going to prove that masks are harming our kids with their own testimonies, the testimonies of their parents and experts. We are going to present the research and evidence that masks are not only ineffective they are causing harm to our children physically, emotionally and developmentally.

Thank you so much for your interest in NCAction. We are a grassroots team of parents, teachers and community members standing up against governmental overreach. We oppose mandating masks on healthy children or adults especially and specifically while they are in public schools. We believe in choice. We are educated, informed and organized. We want to exercise our God-given and constitutional rights to decide for ourselves whether or not we wear masks or put them on our children. We have informed our school boards. We have presented the research and they continue to follow biased science and political motives to mandate guidelines in our schools that much of the public does not agree with. We are left with the necessity to prove our case in a court of law.

You Can Help

To continue through a well prepared and effective case, we will need a minimum of $30,000. So please share your best gift of any amount. Donations are accepted through the business Venmo Account NCAction @Masksharm. A small operating fee(1.9%) will be paid to Venmo so that we can easily keep all donations tracked and secure. All donations will be used and paid directly to our legal team. No other person will receive any funds. All other support for the case is done on a volunteer basis. Thank you to all who have been working behind the scenes.
This website will serve as a place to update progress as we move toward trial. Our scope is statewide we will continue this legal action until our rights are restored.

We plan to go county to county throughout the state empowering others to stand up to school board officials, the state and local health departments and put power back in the hands of the parents in partnership with boards who will respect parents choices. Parental and community support is crucial. We are calling on anyone and everyone passionate about unmasking our children and protecting our rights to donate to this cause. If the multitude of freedom loving people upset and opposed at government overreach will make a donation we will raise more than enough in a short time.

NEWSFLASH! After community fundraising efforts. NCACTION was able to retain a lawyer and is now raising pretrial deposit. Following a mask optional vote in Rowan County District Monday Oct 25th, discussion will begin as to which district to seek plaintiffs for next. We want our day in court to prove masks are harmful to many children and adults as well as ineffective and we should always have the freedom to choose whether or not we wear one or put one on a child.


We are for parental rights in public schools. We are for mask optional and we are for common sense quarantine strategies to keep our kids in school. We will not coparent with the government and do not want our schools to continue down the path of being used and monetized for covid research, testing and vaccination in our schools.
Please subscribe and support our cause. Together we can restore our schools and demand our rights be protected. We plan to move forward courageously and united with the knowledge we have and the awareness of the times we are living in. We plan to stand and fight to protect our freedom to make health decisions for ourselves and our families as we see fit. So help us God.

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What people are saying:

Parents should have an individual right to choose what is best for our children. No child should be forced to wear a mask against their will. The school boards actions have negatively impacted my children’s mental, emotional & physical health.

Nicole-Iredell Statesville

Arkansas News

BREAKING: Arkansas Judge Rules Bentonville Schools have NO AUTHORITY to Mask Children, Must Remove Mandates Immediately! An Arkansas judge has ruled that the Bentonville Public Schools have NO AUTHORITY to mask children as their tyrannical school board has enforced...

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LINCOLN COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - Face masks will soon be optional for students and staff at Lincoln County Schools. This comes after the board of education voted 5 to 2 in favor of making masks optional. However, it didn’t come without heated debate from parents and...

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The Face Mask Folly in Retrospect

It has been known for decades that face masks don’t work against respiratory virus epidemics. Why has much of the world nonetheless fallen for the face mask folly? Ten reasons. 1) The droplet model Many ‘health authorities’ have relied on the obsolete ‘droplet model’...

Risks associated with face masks

Wearing masks for a prolonged period of time may not be harmless, as the following evidence shows: The WHO warns of various “side effects” such as difficulty breathing and skin rashes. Tests conducted by the University Hospital of Leipzig in Germany have shown that...

Studies claiming face masks are effective

Some recent studies argued that face masks are indeed effective against the new coronavirus and could at least prevent the infection of other people. However, most of these studies suffer from poor methodology and sometimes show the opposite of what they claim to...

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Studies on the effectiveness of face masks So far, most studies found little to no evidence for the effectiveness of face masks in the general population, neither as personal protective equipment nor as a source control. A May 2020 meta-study on pandemic influenza...

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